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During the current pandemic it is easy to feel disconnected from the community in which we as spatial practitioners aim to support. Within the rave community there has been a huge shift to the digital realm. Virtual venues such as Club Quarantäne[1] have pushed beyond the conventional live-stream in an ambition to create digital space which one can adopt anonymity of the dancefloor and engage in mindless chat with complete strangers in the global chatroom. 

Like all of us, rave culture is making the most of an unprecedented situation, doing what it can to keep itself alive. Similarly the Rave Revolution project will take to the digital realm and utilise the platform created in this time to expand the circle of stakeholders and gain traction on the demands of the project. Though rave culture is currently thriving off digital art and virtual space, there is no doubt that the freedom and community experienced in the nightclub is deeply missed. It is important to remember the urgency in the cause and take the necessary steps to set up a professional output that will act as the mobilising force for the Rave Revolution. Who knows, perhaps forced isolation could be exactly what the community needed in order to come back fighting stronger for their right to space within the city, for their right to rave.

___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2020. CLUB QUARANTÄNE. [online] Available at: <

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